We have people. And our people have people. And those people have people.

When you buy your security system from us, you get more than just a keypad and wires. You’re buying into our network of highly trained security technicians with more than 20 years of experience, our friendly on-call staff, and our pack of covert watchdogs we keep hidden around the Bay.

To us, customer service means checking in, testing our equipment, updating our services with new technology and answering the phone. That phone-answering part is especially nice when you need us.

Speaking of phones, our nifty Smartphone App lets you manage your security system on the go.
While it can’t let the dog out, our Smartphone App can do pretty much everything else. You can arm and disarm your alarm system, customize email and text alerts, set your thermostat, turn off your lights, lock and unlock the doors and even tune in to view your surveillance cameras. It’s like having your favorite nosy neighborhood in your pocket. Learn more >>

Our Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) gives your elderly parents the freedom to safely live alone. (Unless of course, you really want to move back to their basement)
Personal Emergency Response Systems are a quick and reliable way to keep your elderly loved ones in touch with help at all times. Now they can live alone without being alone.  Peace of mind for them and you. Learn more >>