We are a trusted security provider for large and small business and government agencies around the San Francisco, Bay Area.

Trusted and used by local law-enforcement, large and small institutions and businesses, Global Security Systems has more than 20 years of experience installing and maintaining intricate alarm systems for entities of all sizes. In addition to protecting countless businesses – big and small – we have been trusted to protect clients such as the USDA Federal Department of Agriculture; Contra Costa County Sherriff, Superior Court of California Courthouses in Martinez, Richmond, Pittsburg, Walnut Creek, Concord; Cities of Orinda, Lafayette Police Departments; Oakland Airport AirPark Parking lot; City of Oakland parking facilities– to name a few. 

Add your business to our growing list of satisfied, loyal customers and see how Global Security System can not only make a difference for your business security but save you money as well.

It’s more than just a Security System. It’s a business-management tool.   

For about the same cost you are paying now, our state-of-the-art security system gives you a whole lot more.
In addition to proving you with superior service and security, you get real-time feedback of what’s happening at your place of business - no matter where you are, on your computer or smart-phone app.
• Get notifications of store opening, closing, etc.  
• Daily and weekly reports of who opened up, who closed down, and the exact time
• Customize instant text or email notifications such as no-shows, late-to-open, late-to-close
• View live and recorded video; pan/tilt the cameras - all on your phone.
• Control multiple locations from the same smart-phone app simply by scrolling between locations, users, cameras and pre-sets.

All of this for about the same cost of your current service.      Call us now (800) 675-7000 for an online demo.