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 Interlogix Simon XT


Simon XTis a cost-effective security system that offers up to 40 zones of burglary and fire protection, and which complies with SIA False Alarm Standards. With a built-in display touchpad and a status speaker that provides visual and voice messages for feedback, Simon XT is well suited for houses, apartments, and condominiums. The Simon XT panel comes standard with 40 wireless zones, or it can be set up with 38 wireless zones and two built-in hardwired supervised burglary zones (normally-closed loop only). The built-in radio receiver works with both crystal and SAW LearnModesensors. Simon XT supports off-premises telephone control to arm and disarm the system, check system status, activate no-entry delay, or activate the latchkey feature. With latchkey capabilities, the panel can be programmed to notify customers if the system has not been disarmed at a scheduled time. Simon XT supports convenient system operation from anywhere within the premises with the use of wireless touchpads. Choose from the Remote Handheld Touchpad, two-, four-, or five-button crystal or SAW Keychain Touchpads (keyfobs), or two-button ELM Keychain Touchpad. ELM (encrypted LearnMode) technology secures every keychain touchpad transmission. When powered by the optional line carrier transformer, adding X10-based modules lets customers control lights, appliances, and other devices. Simon XT can send  messages to a central monitoring station using SIA or Contact ID (CID) formats. The panel can also report alarms to another land-line phone location or cell phone using Voice Event Notification. Built-in two-way voice capability with VOX (voice-activated switching) provides additional security and emergency contact with the control monitoring station. System programming can be done from the panel using the built-in touchpad, or off-site using Enterprise Downloader

Standard Features

• 40 wireless zones — two can be hardwired (normally-closed loop only)

• Built-in PSTN 2-way voice capability (over GSM with optional module)

• Supports both crystal and SAW LearnMode sensors

• Supports repeaters

• Supports 2-way RF products (version-specific)

• Indoor and outdoor motion sensors

• Chime feature for monitoring door, window, or motion activity

• 1 master access code and 8 programmable user access codes of 3 to 6 digits

• SIA or CID central station reporting formats and Voice Event Notification reporting via PSTN (native) and/or optional GSM and IP modules

• Programmable No Activity and No Usage report features

• Meets SIA False Alarm Standards

• 100-event buffer with time-and-date stamp

• Panel voice and beeps that can be disabled

• Program panel with built-in touchpad or

Enterprise Downloader software v3.4 or later

• Firmware flash upgrades can be done remotely

• Expansion options

– Internet-based interactivity (with third-party providers)

– Support for on-premises remote control with optional talking touchpad accessory

Simon XT

Affordable, reliable security

featuring LearnModeTechnology

• Color: White

• Dimensions (LxWxD): 5.7 in. x 7.05 in. x 2.1 in. (144 mm x 179 mm x 53 mm)

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Simon-XT Wireless Alarm System Brochure
Simon-XT Wireless Alarm System Brochure
Simon-XT Wireless Alarm System Datasheet
Simon-XT Wireless Alarm System Datasheet