An inactive alarm pad can stare you down and make you feel guiltier than a mother-in-law at the holidays.

Don’t like your current alarm provider?
Paying too much and getting too little?
Have an old system in serious need of TLC?

It’s daunting. That idle alarm keypad, staring at you every time you leave your house. Occasionally it may even make a sound, begging for your attention. You think, “I wish I could just call someone to get that thing running.” But then, you get into your car, drive away and forget all about it until the next time.  Don’t let there be a next time. We can get your existing system set up and working with one phone call - even if we didn’t install it. 

It's easy to switch. Call us right now (800) 675-7000.

We will re-activate, make any necessary repairs, and even upgrade your current alarm system hassle free. Give us a call.

Our Alarm Services include:

  • 24/7 Monitoring Service
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Superior, prompt service and repair technicians and excellent in-home customer service. 
  • Taking you existing systems and marrying it with current technology. 
  • Access to your security system from your computer and Smart-phone.
  • Automatically generated system checks that ensure your alarm stays active.

Give us a call for a quick and painless transition to an active alarm system: (800) 675-7000